Escalade Photo Gallery






 1. First removed 4 screws underneath attaching wheel base to shell and gently removed wires attached to shell.


 4.On gently removing speaker box take note of back light cables and front light cables and make a note where attached on soldered board. These will be reattached later.

7.Wheel arches removed have not done ide slot yet. Please note wheel arches were for show and for speaker box support only will not affect wheels when vehicle is put back together..

10.Underneath truck remove screws to move black wires so dvd slot will not get in way of wires make 2 holes to attach metal plate to support dvd combo and hard drive also with dremel cut slot for combo drive.

13.Another shot of underneath truck.

16.Finished truck with perspex put back on which was from original speaker box I can just lift to get to motherboard also added Mepis numberplates to front and back of truck I made up as a nice finishing touch.

Picture showing Escalade truck running Linux.

Back of truck with flap down without perspex lid on showing speaker lead,ethernet cable,monitor,mouse and keyboard cables connected.Also showing black plywood now covering motherboard ports.

This flat IDE ribbon cable also from Mini-Itx allows you to use weeny laptop sized hard drives 2.5" it has an IDE connector and 4 pin Molex connector (for power) at one end, standard 3.5" IDE connector at the other attaches to the motherboard.



 2. Now I removed speaker light box at rear of vehicle this is where motherboard will eventually go.


5.Another view of wires attached to soldered board you can now remove these after remembering back and front lights and also battery connections remove board with screw and set aside.

8.Either make base for motherboard in my case I marked around old case where motherboard goes removed motherboard and cut.

11.Picture showing metal support inside for Cdrw/Dvd combo drive cut from old case again and bent to shape and bolted.Ide cable pulled through ide slot cut not the dvd slot made. The hard drive was attached by drilling holes and using 4 small washers on each of the four screws for spacers then screwing to 40GB 5400RPM 2.5" laptop sized hard drive.

14.Via Epia-M 10000 Nemehiah Motherboard 170mm x 170mm with 1GB DDR memory now attached and cables including picoPSU - smallest snap-in 12V DC-DC ATX power supply unit.Also Dvd combo installed you can just about see it at back of truck.

Above and below picture of side of truck with wheel trims lit and front and back lights on. Size of truck is about 2ft long by 11"inches wide.


Picture of power supply bought from Mini-Itx a universal 12V DC 80W AC Adapter suitable for use with the picoPSU used.

Picture from Mini-Itx of slimline CD to Desktop IDE Adapter is an adapter used for converting a laptop CD-ROM or DVD drive with a 50-pin connector to a desktop enhanced IDE 40-pin connector. Power is supplied through a 3.5" 4 pin mini connector.



 3. Picture of underneath car where screws are attached to speaker box also to the back of truck there are two screws that attach truck flap remove these so flap can now go up and down.


6.Now with small dremel saw cut left and right wheel arches to level of base and also cut slot at back of base on small platform for ide cables to go through.Also remove old soldered screw terminal.

9.Make sure base fits in nicely mark holes then drill for motherboard and holes for attaching to base of truck with nuts and bolts.

12.Another view if you look closely now attached soldered board underneath onto base and resoldered wires back onto little board of battery connections and front and back lights.Also with glue gun stuck cables to base.

15.Flap down showing end of motherboard ports also showing power switch on lower right bought from Kustom PCs and power terminal from power supply bought from Mini-Itx added to back of truck drilled and attached.  Later on I removed plastic silver strip around Sony CRX850 Slimline Combo CDRW/DVD combo and replaced with plywood I cut and shaped and painted black attached with glue gun this was stronger.Also did plywood cut out and drilled holes for motherboard ports painted black and again attached with glue gun not shown in this picture this gave a better finish in end.

Close up ofThe Nehemiah M10000 onboard VIA Apollo CLE266 graphics and 1Ghz C3 Processor with Nehemiah core gives the EPIA M10000 improved 3D graphics and DVD playback, and the board has 6 Channel audio, 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0, Firewire and TV-Out support. Ideal for the perfect multimedia playback machine. Additional 2 x USB 2 and 2 x Firewire ports come on a separate PCI backplate.The EPIA Ms have ONE PC2100 DDR DIMM memory slot.

Later on I replaced heatsink fan with SilenX 40mm x 10mm Fan 14 dBA this was a quieter fan and made the truck silent on boot up.Yippee.

Another shot taken without perspex on back of truck showing radio controlled arial sticking up and cables connected to motherboard.